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The Brontosaurus From Pluto!

Strap on your jet-packs! It’s time to launch into outer space! These are the adventures of the Brontosaurus from Pluto!

Our hero’s name is Dash. Dash is a Brontosaurus. A Brontosaurus is a type of dinosaur, which is like a really big lizard – like Godzilla. Well, a Brontosaurus USED to be a dinosaur. Scientists recently found that they made a mistake and there never were Brontosauruses. But that’s OK. Dash is still a hero, and he’s a Brontosaurus from outer space.

Dash lives on the planet Pluto. Pluto is far away – further than Texas – and is a planet in outer space! Well, Pluto USED to be a planet. Scientists recently found that they made a mistake and Pluto is actually a dwarf planet. But that’s OK. Dash still loves his home, the planet Pluto!

(Boy, those scientists sure make a lot of mistakes).

We begin our story on a dark and starry night on the planet Pluto!

*Brr-rrrup-der-rooo* *dee-dee-dee-deep*

Come in Brontosaurus from Pluto!” screeches a radio “Come in Dash! We need your help!”

Dash rushes to the radio. “This is Dash! How can I help?” he says in a dashing, bold voice.

Dash, the Dragon-tigers from Xi’andia are attacking cargo ships en-route to Mars! We need your help!”

You can count on me!” proclaims Dash.

Dash puts down the radio, straps on his jet-pack and grabs his laser gun. He heads outside his house and stands on the rocky planet Pluto!

I’ll push this button on my jet-pack to activate a wormhole tunnel that will get me to Mars in no time!”

*Ba-roo, ba-roo, ba-roo*

A wormhole tunnel opens up in front of Dash and he jumps in, with his jet-pack on!


Quicker than you can sing the Alphabet, Dash arrives near Mars. He sees a cargo ship and it’s under attack! Giant, scaly creatures with black stripes and great wings rip at the cargo ships with their great claws! Their cat-like tails twitch with anticipation as they try to rip apart the ships to get at the sweet Unicorn-bacon that is being carried inside. These are Dragon-tigers from the far-away planet of Xi’andia!

Stop right now!” Dash bravely yells.

The two Dragon-tigers stop what they are doing and look right at Dash! Their golden eyes glare at him and they think about eating Dash for supper!

One of the Dragon-tigers opens its great mouth and breathes out a ball of fire right at Dash!


But, Dash stays cool and calm. He quickly presses a button on the strap of his jet-pack and a force-field appears around him *bew-ewp*, just in time to protect him from the fire-ball!

Okay, you asked for it!” cries Dash. He aims his laser right at the first Dragon-tiger, the one that blew fire at him, sets his laser gun to stun, and opens fire!

*pew, pew, pew*

It’s a hit! The first Dragon-tiger is stands there, unable to move!


Give up now!” Dash says to the other Dragon-tiger.

Never!” the Dragon-tiger growls in response. “I really want the Unicorn-bacon! It tastes like cheese, wrapped in bacon, with a dash of apricot jam…”

This is your last warning! Give up now or I will take you to jail!” Dash warns him.

No! The Unicorn-bacon will be mine and you can’t stop me!” The Dragon-tiger hits a switch on his watch and suddenly a wormhole tunnel appears!

*Ba-roo, ba-roo, ba-roo*

Six Space-Ninja cats jump through from the wormhole tunnel.

You cannot stop our master!” they scream. They throw karate chops (*Hai-yah*), ninja stars (*Weet*), samurai swords (Clank, clank*), and nunchucks at him (*whack-whck-whack*), but with his jet-pack he dodges them all!

*Fwoooo-sh, Fwoosh, Fwoosh, fwoosh!*

*Pew-pew, pew-pew*

With four sharp shots from his laser, Dash stuns four of the Space-ninja cats! Two more come at him with a kung-fu kick and a tae-kwan-do roundhouse! Dash easily blocks them. He’s not worried, he’s a master black-belt in Jeet-Kune-Do, taught by the legendary Bruce Lee himself!

*Hi-yahh! Yahh! Hah!*

With a couple of quick kicks and judo-throws, Dash takes care of the last two cats!

Now it’s time for you to give up!” Dash says to the last Dragon-tiger.

Never!!” he screams and he jumps at Dash with his giant, razor sharp claws!


Just in time! Dash hits the button on his jet-pack strap and reactivates his forcefield! The Dragon-tiger hits it so hard that he’s knocked out!

Well, it looks like that’s that for those bad guys!” Dash says while wiping his hands together.

Dash ties up the two Dragon-tigers and the six space-ninja cats and calls the Galactic Patrol – the Policemen for the Universe!

*Brr-rrrup-der-rooo* *dee-dee-dee-deep*

Yes, what is it Dash? Did you save them?” a familiar voice asks.

Yes, I stopped them cold! You can pick them up and take them to jail now! Crime never pays!”

The men and women on the cargo ship were so happy, they gave Dash a big Chinese-food take-out box full of delicious Unicorn-bacon!

Thank-you for saving us!” they said.

You’re welcome.” Replied Dash, “It’s all in a day’s work for – the Brontosaurus from Pluto!”

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