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This page is dedicated to my fans! Thanks for your support!

Shirt #1 - Keith (San Francisco)  * Shirt #2 - April (San Diego)   *  Shirt #3 - Keith (San Francisco)      *     Shirts #4 &5 - Ron & Alex (Grand Ledge)

Shirt #4 (Again) - Alex (Grand Ledge)     *     Shirt #6 - Niki (Patterson)     *    Shirt #6 (Back) - Niki (Patterson)

Green Lantern Alex with Geoff Johns   Mark Churchill Guitar Center Concord 

                                 Here's our #1 fan Alex rockin' his shirt                *                    Hoodie #1 - Bot (Concord)                   *           Shirt #7 - Noivad (Newark)  

when he met comics creator Geoff Johns!              *                                       GOBLYN'S Comics                        T-Shirts


                    Coffee Mug #1 - Mark (San Francisco)       *                    Shirt #8 - AJ (Fremont)                     *                          Shirt #9 - Dani (San Francisco)                            

* Shirt #10 - Keith (San Francisco)*


You can get your own shirt through our online store.

Message Goblyn's Comics through Facebook or e-mail kchurchill21@yahoo.com if you want your picture posted!

*Please note: Shirt #6 with Schrodinger's Cat is exclusive and can only be ordered through this link. The other T-Rex shirts in the store do not have Schrodinger's cat on the back.

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