"Bearing Witness"

Written by Michael Stumpf

Illustrated by Goblyn's Comics

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Bearing Witness Part 1

Part 1

Bearing Witness

Part 2

Bearing Witness

Part 3

 Bearing Witness 

Part 4

Bearing Witness

Part 5

Bearing Witness

Part 6

Bearing Witness

Part 7

Bearing Witness

Part 8


Bearing Witness

Part 9

Bearing Witness by Michael Stumpf, illustrated by Goblyn's Comics Part 10

Part 10

          "Bearing Witness" is a 10-part story written by Michael Stumpf. Michael was a classmate of mine in the CCSF Storytelling class. This is his story.

While it is suitable for all ages, Parental Guidance is suggested for children under 12 years old. 

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